City Assessor's Office

Head of Office

Edsel P. Corpuz

Office Number

(077) 792-3329

Office Address

2F City Hall Building, City of Batac, Ilocos Norte


We envision the City Assessor’s Office of the City of Batac to be a model of friendly and dedicated public
servants, which maintains the highest level of professionalism and deep commitment to service, in
accordance of tis goal of generating more income for the city, while providing honest, prompt and
courteous service to the people of Batac.


To provide taxpayers and the people of Batac in general, with friendly, prompt, efficient, courteous
service at all times.

To discover, list, appraise and assess all real property within the jurisdiction of the City of Batac in
accordance with the existing assessment rules and regulations in order to generate more income for
the city.

To maintain a real property identification and accounting system within Batac through electronic